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Version- 2.0.2
- Implemented: Edit profile table admin view
- Implemented: Facade table admin view
- Implemented: Pas table admin view
- Implemented: Employee table admin view
- Implemented: Object transport in public and admin view
- Implemented: Medischetechniek is in the main view
- Implemented: Fixed format in modal for phonenumber
- Implemented: Admin view with Ion Auth login (http://benedmunds.com/ion_auth/)
- Implemented: Hamburger menu in the navbar
- Implemented: Modules codeigniter with MX (https://bitbucket.org/wiredesignz/codeigniter-modular-extensions-hmvc)
- Implementde: Changelog link to footer
- Implemented: Breadcrumb
- Implemented: Filter page for history
- Implemented: DB selector for modal (Employees, Facade instalation, Access pass)
- Removed: Search bar in de signup screen

Version- 2.0.1
- Implemented: Language can be changed
- Implemented: Date Format
- Implemented: Number of rows showed can be changed
- Implemented: Database can now be filled with multiple rows for firecaps
- Changed: Telephone number cell is removed from the dashboard view and into the modal
- Fixed: Mandatory row Ultimo is now optional (till 01-01-18)
- removed: checkbox for Facade installation

Version- 2.0
- Implemented: Codeigniter with (crud)datatabels (Original by mbahhcoding.com)
- Implemented: Multiple rows to fill
- Implemented: Mandatory rows
- Implemented: Database structure with autofill (Original by mbahhcoding.com)
- Implemented: Images of work related signup

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